News, Updates, or whatever the hell you want to call it
  • You probably didn't notice, but I just slipped 20GB worth of videos in from the back-door.
  • Ohhhh yeah... we've been given some great videos for you! Check them out in the updates section
  • I know you've been noticing a lot more in the VIP section. That's cuz I know you're HOOKED! I also put up some new webcams that I KNOW you'll enjoy. We even have a new one of a girl fingering her bloody pussy. Now that you've got to see!
  • Thanks for the pic donations. They've been added to the VIP gallery
  • WOW, WOW, WOW - More pics added to the VIP gallery
  • Happy Monday! Oh, Sorry... Do you have case of the Mondays? Well watch some videos and hopefully you and your little guy will wake up a bit. Added in 13 more videos into the Fresh off the Boat Category. Also, put some webcams into the site as well.
  • Fresh off the Boat seems more popular than I had expected. Added in 13 more videos to that category.
  • If you like nasty facials, you'll love what we just added in. Creamy, dripping and messy facials - Also updated the photo gallery with 1000+ more photos - OH WHEN WILL IT STOP! MUHAHAHAHA
  • Put 5 more videos in, and about 130mb worth of pictures into the VIP gallery. If you haven't seen the gallery yet, you don't know what you're missing out on!
  • Well, lets see here... over 1000 photos were added to the VIP photo gallery, and 12 new videos were added. Nice huh?
  • Ahhh yeah, 5 new videos were added to the Fresh off the boat category. So what are you doing here?
  • NEW CATEGORY: Fresh off the boat! Quality Uncensored Asian Clips - 4 Videos
  • Put (8) new clips of more webcams online.
  • The Photo Gallery is now ONLINE. It features a few thousand amateur photos
  • We finally moved the website from our old hosting provider. So far so good!
  • Update: (30) new webcam videos are now online.
Screenshot of the new VIP ONLY photo gallery!

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